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“Dolgeville Rotary Club President Bill Reynolds is shown accepting a gift from the new incoming District Governor, Phyllis Danks. Phyllis will be in the Governor position, for District 7150, until June 30, 2018.  She spoke to Club Members about the numerous things Rotary will be doing in the coming year. The projects mentioned included local, national and international activities.
Information in the specific projects can be obtained by contacting and current Rotary Club Member.”


“Annually, Rotary Clubs throughout the world, change club Presidents on or about mid year (around June 30). The Dolgeville Club recently celebrated their change of Presidents at the Cakery Cafe in Dolgeville.
The outgoing President, Walt Lallier on the left, had served for 2 consecutive years. Bill Reynolds will serve as Club President for the current year.”

“Tony Licari, a member of the Dolgeville Rotary Club presented a program to the club about a para military activity called ‘Go Ruk’. Tony explained that the activity is one involving physical training, team work and the ability to aid communities that may need assistance in various projects. He requested that the club put together a list of potential things they may need assistance with and he would coordinate with the ‘Go Ruk’ cadre to potentially schedule an event in Dolgeville. Along side Tony (on the left) is Club President Walt Lallier”.

“The Dolgeville Rotary Club is show celebrating a club winner of the ‘Happy Dollar Fund’. Each week members donate $1.00 into a special fund for something that recently brought happiness to them. Then each member is given a raffle ticket and a chance to win the opportunity to draw a card from a deck of cards. When the Joker is drawn a winner is declared. The winner of the $203 drawing was John Hoffman; an active, long standing club member.”  12-14-16  John will then donate those funds to the charity of his choice. Someone had to win, we were down to 7 cards left.


Walt presents check to Linda Stallnaker from The Dolgeville Pre-School Playhouse.


Walt with our District Governor – Peter Cardmone


Walt & Bill with our District Governor  – Peter Cardmone


Walt with our District Governor Elect – Peter Cardmone


Miss Marucci and some of the interact students from Dolgeville Central School and President Lallier

Thank you to the Dolgeville Interact Club for presenting at this morning’s Rotary Meeting. The Interact Club talked about some of their projects – the Rotary Community Garden, their huge Books for the World book drive, and collection of items for the Dolgeville Area Food Pantry.

Interact Club members who attended are Morgan Kamp, Lindsey Johnson, and Sarah Howe, Interact Club Advisor Arianna Marucci (pictured with President Walt Lallier) and senior Interact members Jenna Christensen and Rachael Huddleston (not pictured).